Here Is What Others Are Saying About Brian Gary:

Brian at 206 lbs

It’s amazing how (his inspirational Facebook) posts seem to be exactly what I need to hear at the moment I need to hear it.

~ Tami Rosenberg-Frank, Loveland, Colorado


Brian is an upbeat kinda guy who has been a huge part of the Northern Colorado family, as we woke each morning to listen to his outlook on life, family, happiness, politics - you name it! I am thrilled to see he is continuing into the future as a Happiness Warrior. His glass will always be Half Full - never half empty.

~ Chris Ruth


How he makes you feel can change the feel of your day.

~ Cindi Pitcher

Brian is an amazing man. Just talk to him and you will find out he has walked the walk, so he has earned the right to talk the talk, so listen, you won't be disappointed.

~ Rob Wright


Brian has always strived for peace and happiness in his life. (He is) just someone trying to help others.

~ Shannon Marie Johnson


I’ve known Brian many years and he’s always been a positive, influential, very funny (has a great sense of humor), amazing person in my life.

~ Arlene Bennett